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Card Services

Whether you’re opening your first ever checking account, saving for retirement, borrowing for a home or car, or interested in our debit / credit card options, Mid-Southern Savings Bank, FSB is here to service your personal banking needs. And unlike other banks, who are getting farther and farther away from customer relationships and face to face interactions, we enjoy serving you and your needs in person or over the phone.

Card Services

More and more people are using debit or credit cards today — you can probably relate — due to the fact that they are safer and less of a hassle than carrying cash and more convenient than writing checks. And at Mid-Southern Savings Bank, FSB we offer your card service needs in a timely fashion.


Rapid Ready Debit Cards

With our Rapid Ready debit cards, you don’t have to wait days or weeks for your debit card to come in the mail. At Mid-Southern Savings Bank, FSB we will issue your debit card to you when you open an account. And you can use it immediately! When you use your debit card, funds are taken directly from your checking account, so you don’t have to pay interest.

rapid ready debit cards

*The Marble Blue card option is free when opening an account, and other cards shown are $8.00

School Spirit Debit Cards

Show your school spirit AND contribute to your school with our School Spirit debit cards. These cards are also rapid ready, which means you can walk in and walk out with your card ready to use! For each card sold ($10 each), a portion of the proceeds are contributed to the school you choose, and your options are:

  • Salem Lions
  • Eastern Musketeers
  • West Washington Senators
  • Mitchell Blue Jackets
  • Paoli Rams
  • Orleans Bulldogs

Debit Card Fraud Protection

To protect your hard earned money, Mid-Southern Savings Bank, FSB offers Debit Card Fraud Protection. Learn more about our Debit Card Fraud Protection and how you can keep your funds more secure by visiting or calling us today.

Consumer Credit Cards

Credit cards are not only more convenient than carrying cash — they also help build credit and aid you in emergencies. And we’re all about helping you in any way we can, which is why we offer consumer credit cards through Visa. To make things even easier, you can pay with mobile banking or online and have reminders sent to your phone or email, which might save you from paying late and incurring interest charges. If you’re a first time credit card user, or simply want to know more, chat with us in person or give us a call. Credit cards are issued by Elan Financial Services, a division of U.S. Bancorp.